Below is the list of projects selected in the catalog within the call for European New Media, Innovative & Transmedia Projects of 3D Wire 2019.

The highlighted projects are those that will be presented during the event.

  1. Bento, by SalBa Combé (MR. KLAUS STUDIO). Spain
  2. The Book of Dreams, by Miguel Miranda (LA CASA ANIMADA). Spain
  3. Chamba, Transmediatic Narrative for Solidarity Production, by Beltrán Pérez (ECL). Spain, Venezuela
  4. Chronos, by Andrius Lekavicius (AL-VR). Switzerland, Lithuania
  5. The Good Boys, by Luis Pelayo and Enol Junquera (ANGRY METAL STUDIOS). Spain
  6. IDenthya, by Fernando Casal Picallo (MALDITOMAUS). Spain, Argentina, Colombia
  7. MELBITS ™, by Ivan Exposito (MELBOT STUDIOS). Spain 
  8. The Antimatter Kid, by Maximiliano Monzon (COSMIC BREW STUDIOS). Austria, Argentina
  9. Flambe Protocol, by Rubén Fernández (LAMAE STUDIO). Spain
  10. Qíahn, Medieval Fantasy Transmedia Universe, by Javier Ordax. Spain


Calle Batalla del Salado nº3, esc B, 6ºB. Madrid.
tel:  +34 910 026 801


Palacio Quintanar
Calle San Agustín s/n esquina Plaza Conde Cheste. Segovia.

Museo Zuloaga
Iglesia de San Juan de los Caballeros
Plaza Colmenares 2. Segovia

La Cárcel Segovia Centro de Creación
Sala Julio Michel
Avenida Juan Carlos I s/n. Segovia



RT @film_madrid 📢 5 proyectos de #animación madrileños seleccionados en #CartoonMovie 2020 (3-5 marzo, Burdeos)

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