This 3D Wire Fest edition consists on a total of 32 international and 9 national short films. All of them will compete for the prizes of the jury and the audience.

A total of seven free screenings that will take place in Segovia between September 24th and October 6th. The competitive section of the festival will take place over four sessions at La Cárcel_Segovia Creation Center (Sala Julio Michel, Avenida Juan Carlos I s/n) from September 30th to October 3rd.

These sessions will be completed with a projection of humor short films at the Bar Santana, a session to promote audiovisual literacy, Peque 3D Wire and the screening of the 3D Wire Fest 2019 Winners.


  1. Blind Eye. D. Porral, R. Kelkar, Y. Wang, B. Cohen, G. Colajanni, I. Littger, R. Deshchougule. 6′. 2D. Co-production with France
  2. I’m Not Scared of the Crocodile Marc Riba, Anna Solanas. 4′. Stop motion
  3. Hero. Daniel Martínez Lara. 4′. 2D, 3D Digital. Co-production with Netherlands
  4. Homomaquia. David Fidalgo Omil. 14′. Drawing on paper
  5. Idle. Pablo Muñoz. 3′. Stop motion
  6. Tthe Amazing Story of the Man that Could Fly and Didn’t Know How. Manuel Rubio. 6′. Stop motion
  7. Lemons. Daniela Godel. 5′. Paint on glass. Co-production with France
  8. Muedra. Cesar Diaz Melendez. 9′. Stop motion
  9. La noria. Carlos Baena. 12′. 3D Digital


  1. One Small Step. Andrew Chesworth, Bobby Pontillas. 8′. 3D Digital. USA, China
  2. Sister. Siqi Song. 8′. Stop motion. China
  3. Baby Baby. Aggelos Papantoniou, Nikhil Markale. 1′. 2D. Australia
  4. Bavure. Donato Sansone. 5′. 2D, Live action. France
  5. Blieschow. Christoph Sarow. 10′. 2D. Germany
  6. Colaholic. Marcin Podolec. 11′. 2D. Poland
  7. A Double Life. Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins, Marieke Blaauw. 3′. 3D Digital. Netherlands
  8. Drahtseilakt. Markus Ott, Bianca Scali, Esra Laske. 4′. Stop motion. Germany
  9. Forglemmegei. Katarina Lundquist. 7′. 3D Digital. Denmark
  10. Good Intentions. Anna Mantzaris. 9′. Stop motion. United Kingdom
  11. The Hand That Rocked the Cradle. Derrick Duan. 1′. Mixed techniques. Australia
  12. Heatwave. Fokion Xenos. 7′. Stop motion, Cut out. Grece, United Kingdom
  13. And then the Bear. Agnès Patron. 14′. Drawing, Painting. France
  14. Windshriek. Frédéric Doazan. 6′. 2D, Pixilation. France
  15. I’m Going out for Cigarettes. Osman Cerfon. 14′. 2D. France
  16. Still Lives. Elli Vuorinen. 6′. Mixed techniques. Finland
  17. Deep Love. Mykyta Lyskov. 14′. 2D. Ukraine
  18. Lost & Found. Andrew Goldsmith, Bradley Slabe. 8′. Stop motion. Australia
  19. Love Me, Fear Me. Veronica Solomon. 6′. Stop motion. Germany
  20. Maestro. Collectif Illogic. 2′. 3D Digital. France
  21. Mémorable. Bruno Collet. 12′. Animated objects, Puppets, 3D Digital. France
  22. Multiverse. Hiroshi Kondo. 3′. Pixilation. Japan
  23. Next Stop. Brad Gibson. 3′ 2D. Canada
  24. No, I Don’t Want to Dance! Andrea Vinciguerra. 3′. Stop motion. United Kingdom, Italy
  25. Sweet Night. Lia Bertels. 14′. 2D. Belgium
  26. The Fox. Sadegh Javadi. 10′. 2D. Iran
  27. No Gravity. C. Parisot, J. Cissé, F. C. Cosmidis, F. Allier-Estrada, M. Lemaître-Blanchart, L. Abraham. 7′. 3D Digital. France
  28. Under The Rib Cage. Bruno Tondeur. 13′. Mixed techniques. France, Belgium
  29. Spring. Andy Goralczyk. 8′. 3D Digital. Netherlands
  30. Untravel. Nikola Majdak Jr., Ana Nedeljkovic. 9′. Stop motion. Slovakia, Serbia
  31. Vertigo. Liana Mihailova. 3′. 2D. Latvia
  32. Wild Love. P. Autric, Q. Camus, L. Georges, M. Laudet, Z. Sottiaux, C. Yvergniaux. 7′. 3D Digital. France


Calle Batalla del Salado nº3, esc B, 6ºB. Madrid.
tel:  +34 910 026 801


Palacio Quintanar
Calle San Agustín s/n esquina Plaza Conde Cheste. Segovia.

Museo Zuloaga
Iglesia de San Juan de los Caballeros
Plaza Colmenares 2. Segovia

La Cárcel Segovia Centro de Creación
Sala Julio Michel
Avenida Juan Carlos I s/n. Segovia



RT @PTR_imascono Me alegra ver a la familia @3DWIRE en @ZoomNet_tve de @24h_tve. ¡Muy grandes! 👏🏻🔝🙌🏻

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Me alegra ver a la familia @3DWIRE en @ZoomNet_tve de @24h_tve. ¡Muy grandes! 👏🏻🔝🙌🏻

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