Like every year, 3D Wire once again opens the Showroom doors for animation, video games and new technology companies and professionals. An exhibition space where the lastest works will be shown and that will give visibility to all kinds of projects, companies and products.



Product presentation from the immersive computing area.



Small experience center with demo units of the whole family of professional products, so that anyone can test the possibilities of our solutions applied to 3D. It offers a more ergonomic and precise work possibility to professionals, with particular attention to the new demands of creativity, such as the need to work traveling (mobility) or the improvement of quality and comfort, which both influence the final result and the time needed to achieve quality work.



Tangram Solutions is a company comprised of a team of professionals specialized in the newest technologies of audiovisual production, formed to fulfill the needs of this market. Our purpose is to offer your company the best solutions using the most versatile tools and the most advanced technologies in the market. As such, we offer personalized consulting and advisory services to our potential clients, prior to the acquisition of any material.



Specialists in workflow solutions for the media and entertainment industry. Our team has extensive experience in the supply, installation, integration and technical support of post-production, vfx, ingest, storage, restoration and content management technologies.


Video Game developer company: Scarecrow Studio

Project: 3 Minutes to Midnight

Somewhere in New Mexico, a explosion make the night tremble. The brave and young Betty Anderson wake up suddenly.Where I’m? Who I’m?. Whatever that has exploded in the desert seems to leave her memory in blank, but, Betty soon will have more to be worry about than amnesia. For example, a city full of people who aren’t what they claim to be, a corrupt mayor, a secret military base, the mafia and a Vietnamese pig with a personal vendetta. There is also a problem with an secret complot  to eradicate the human species … and time is running out. Join Betty to solve this conspiracy that starts with an explosion and ends in 3 minutes at midnight(If you’re lucky)


Video Game developer company: World Domination Project Studio

Project: Anyone’s Diary VR

Is a platform game and puzzles in third person exclusive for VR. As a player, you will enter Anyone’s diary, a character with an unknown identity, without sex or age specified. Throughout the trip you will discover the illusions and problems of Anyone and help him to advance through his life solving the conflicts turned into puzzles that prevent him from moving forward with his day to day.  Will he overcome his demons or be consumed by them?


Video Game developer company: Koron Studios

Project: Death Tycoon

Imagine yourself waking up in the Mexican Land of the Dead and reading about your own death in the news… Seems like something bad but it can be the beginning of an adventure. Your family is the owner of a Mexican food Empire in this forgotten land. When you reach the beyond your grandpa José said you are the chosen one… You’ll be the next Boss in the family business! 


Video Game developer company: SVC Games

Project: Debris Infinity

Exhilarating twin stick shooter with a time manipulation mechanic, advanced scoring system and several game modes that goes beyond the gameplay of 80’s and 90’s arcades for a new generation of skill-testing thrills.


Video Game developer company: Noxfall Studios

Project: Focus Cat App

App for smartphone and tablet. Our project is a gamified tool focused on those people addicted to the mobile phone who can’t get rid of it. With this app we want to reduce the time we allocate to the smartphone and not be so dependent.


Video Game developer company: Sons of a Bit

Project: Islabomba, Islabomba – Ready to Boom and Kluest

Islabomba: Torito Rabbit, Dany Turtle y Alex Penguin must  to combine their abilities to turn off bombs. Crazy enemies, collectible objects, customizable appearances, spectacular cinematic and epics  confrontations against bosses.

Kluest: Do you want do a treasure hunt for your friends? How to create an ARPG adventure in which your city is being attacked by an alien army? A wide variety of customization tools for characters, enemies and elements of the Middle Ages, present and future to create exciting experiences.


Video Game developer company: No Ghost

Project: Madrid Noir

It is a heart warming story that follows the moment when Manolo Monreal, a detective in 1930’s Madrid, meets Paquita, a stray dog, for the first time. Reluctant at first, Manolo will eventually fall for Paquita’s charm and they’ll live happily ever after… or will they?


Company: Gammera Nest

Project: The Many Pieces of Mr Coo

Mr. Coo only wanted to eat a tasty apple, when suddenly he found himself caught in the surreal battle between two antagonistic forces, two characters that represent the endless struggle between iron control and the fun of chaos.


Video Game developer  company: GreenGlob salsa

Project: Oh My Lord Tournament

Action game where two to four players fight for supremacy. Tear your adversaries to pieces through the power of sneeze across the ages. Go from screen to screen until you reach the final relief: the handkerchief. You won’t be alone, sneeze the so called “helpers” for a fleeting aid such as a shield or an auto-turret to shut down your opponents. Merging mechanics from games such as Nidhogg or DuckGame, this game will make the most terrifying adversaries from your friends. Oh My Lord TOURNAMENT: Sneeze till the end!


Video Game developer company: Cuatro Monos

Project: Project Lethe 

Alan is already at an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s disease and will have to fight against the monster within his brain which tries to erase Alan’s memories. Dive into those shattered memories in this original platformer. Solve mind trick puzzles. Understand better the struggle of this disease.   

Discover what is really important: the result of one life. 


Video Game developer company: Retro Forge Games

Proyecto: Souldier

The Valkyries said you were going to die, so you accepted their offer and crossed the portal along with the rest of your army. They told you to find the “Keeper of the Gate”, so you can transition from this temporary place to the land of the dead. Ragnarok awaits. But this world is full of traps, secret places and hostile creatures, and your humble sword doesn’t seem enough to face the challenge. You need more power. Travelling from the deep seas to the floating citadels you find the obscure truth. The parasites. The plague. The fake. Your true purpose.


Video Game developer company: Chibig

Proyecto: Summer in Mara

Adventure videogame where we’ll personify Koa, a girl who must explore the archipelago where she lives while taking care of her small island.



Proyecto: Super Skills Games

Super Skills Games is a Super Tool to know what your kids are learning while playing their favorite video games.


Video Game developer company: Tiny Cosmonauts

Projects: Tiny Trees y Tiny Swipers

Tiny Trees, Transmedia experience that consists of a game and a children’s story, where children have to take care of a plant until it becomes a magical tree.

Tiny Swipers,  is a game that consists of an app and a creative kit to create characters and their legends and with them play storytelling.


University: UPV – Universitat Politècnica de València

Project: UPV, Con ‘A’ de animación, Prime the Animation!

– Festival: Prime the Animation! International Student Festival
– Publications: Con A de animación, books and catalogues
– Catalogue of the productions of the Master’s degree in animation UPV


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