This edition 3D Wire Fest is composed of a total of 26 international short films and 7 national ones. All of them will fight to gain the jury and audience awards.

A total of six free screenings will take place in La Cárcel_Segovia Centro de Creación (room Julio Michel. Avda. Juan Carlos I s/n) between October 1st – 7th. The competitive section of the Festival consists on four sessions to be completed with one last screening, 3D Wire Winners Screening. Besides,one children sessio to promote media literacy: Peque 3D Wire and a screening of the feature film Another Day of Life, in the Juan Bravo Theatre.



  1. Areka. Atxur Animazio Taldea, 7’, Mixed techniques
  2. Bendito Machine VI – Carry On. Jossie Malis, 14’, 2D, Co-production with France
  3. Monsters Walking. Diego Porral, 1’, 2D
  4. Patchwork. María Manero Muro, 8’, Mixed techniques
  5. Ryoko. Emilio Gallego, Jesús Gallego, 4’, 2D
  6. Soy una tumba. Khris Cembe, 12’, 2D
  7. A Table Game. Nicolás Petelski, 4’, 2D, Co-production with France



  1. (OO). Seoro Oh, 7’, 2D, South Korea
  2. And the Moon Stands Still. Yulia Ruditskaya, 11’, 2D, Belarus
  3. Flower Found!. Jorn Leeuwerink, 7’, 2D, Drawing on paper, Netherlands
  4. Cabin Pressure. Matthew Lee, 4’, 2D, Stop Motion, United Kingdom
  5. Catastrophe. Jamille Van Wijngaarden, 3’, 3D digital, Neherlands
  6. Dolls Don’t Cry. Frédérick Tremblay, 20’, Stop Motion, Puppets, Canada
  7. Facing It. Sam Gainsborough, 8’, Stop motion, Pixilation, Live Action, United Kingdom
  8. Fishboy. Anita Bruvere, 9’, Stop Motion, Paint on glass, United Kingdom
  9. Grandma’s Pie. Ricardo San Emeterio, Camilo Castro, 3’, 3D digital, USA
  10. Hors Piste. L. Brunel, L. Cavalier, C. Jalabert, O. Mallet, 6’, 3D digital, France
  11. Hybrids. F. Brauch, M. Pujol, K. Tailhades, Y. Thireau, R. Thirion, 7’, 3D digital, France
  12. Inanimate. Lucia Bulgheroni, 8’, Stop Motion, Live Action, United Kingdom
  13. How Steel Was Tempered. Igor Grubic, 12’, 2D, Croatia
  14. Little Bandits. Alex Avagimian, 4’, 2D, USA
  15. Butterflies. Andrés Gómez Isaza, Mauricio Leiva-Cock, 8’, 2D, 3D digital, Colombia, Switzerland
  16. The Death, Dad & Son. Vincent Paronnaud, Denis Walgenwitz, 13’, 2D, 3D digital, France
  17. Muteum. Aggie Pak Yee Lee, 4’, Drawing on paper, Cut Out, Estonia
  18. In a Nutshell. Fabio Friedli, 6’, Stop Motion, Switzerland
  19. Reruns. Rosto, 15’, Mixed techniques, France
  20. Ride. Paul Bush, 6’, Pixilation, Portugal, United Kingdom
  21. Simbiosis carnal. Rocío Álvarez, 10’, 2D, Belgium
  22. Sleepy. Marta Monteiro, 11’, 2D, Drawing on paper, Portugal
  23. Vivat Musketeers!. Anton Dyakov, 6’, 2D, Russia
  24. Voyagers. G. Ammeux, V. Baillon, B. Chaumény, A. Dumez, L. Finucci, M. Roger, 8’, 3D digital, France
  25. Weekends. Trevor Jimenez, 16’, 2D, USA
  26. Wildebeest. Nicolas Keppens, 19’, 2D, Live Action, Belgium

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