SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7TH 19.45 – 20.00h.

Names like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud and Tapputi form this unique team that has the goal of freeing the world from supervillains by traveling through time.

Winner of several awards in competitions like Toronto Animation Arts Festival International, T.O. WebFest and New York Science Fiction Film Festival; Segovia will be the stage chosen to announce their news.

A team of time-travelling super scientists led by Winston Churchill, fight nazis, zombies, and all manner of sciency villains!  It has been called “Just the right amount of smart, just the right amount of stupid” by people who know all about such things. In the episode premiere, Winston Churchill sends the Super Science Friends on a mission to discover why Britain’s apples are disappearing in the late 1600s. When they arrive in the past, they discover that Soviet Space Ghouls are attempting to stop the apple from falling on Isaac Newton’s head.

Brett Jubinville, Tinman Creative Studios

Morghan Fortier, Tinman Creative Studios

Larissa Melnik, Tinman Creative Studios

Kevin Williams, Tinman Creative Studios

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