– The total figure is divided into 17 feature films, 18 shorts films, 29 series, 39 video games and 3 VR projects

–  9 European transmedia projects and 11 international on line series have also been selected 

– The Segovian event will present advances of some titles as expected as the feature film that recovers the iconic series Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds

– Among the series we find the works of Víctor Monigote (Turuleca’s Funny Farm) and the proposal of Manuel Sicilia and Jesús Gallego (Tiko Taiko)

The 10th edition of 3D Wire will feature a total of 106 selected projects, a large amalgam of works that will show the future of animation and video games from Spain and Portugal. A total of 17 feature films and another 18 short films, 29 animation series, 39 video games and 3 VR projects define this selection that is completed with 9 European transmedia projects and 11 international on line series.

The market, that will be held in Segovia between October 4th and 7th, also confirms the presentation of some of the most outstanding works, as usual at the event. One of the projects most known to the general audience is the Spanish 3D production: Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds; a film directed by Toni García and produced by Apolo Films. This ambitious bet aims to relaunch the iconic character of the 80s that is based on the most famous novel by Alexandre Dumas.

The jury member of the 3D Wire Fest, the Portuguese Jose Miguel Ribeiro, will also have the opportunity to talk about his new work, the feature film Nayola. A production of Praça Filmes that immerses the adult public in an Angola under the vision of three generations of women: grandmother, daughter and granddaughter; an initiatory journey in a country that undergoes a true metamorphosis.

Another feature film about which will be given more details, will be the co-production between Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States of Wise Blue Studios, MiBots. Currently in pre-production status, the film has already confirmed its scriptwriter, Rob Edwards (author of the Disney films: The Princess and the Frog or Treasure Planet), who will work on an original idea of the Spanish Maxi Valero.

Maxi himself will be the one who speaks at the same time of his new proposal behind the cameras. After his debut in feature films with the acclaimed fiction film The Butterflies Man, the filmmaker prepares The Watchmaker, a 3D short film that goes deep into time, destiny and life.

Colossal Jane will be another of the short films that will be presented. Its author, Roc Espinet, has worked as an animator in the two most awarded works of Spanish cinema in the past year, the feature film Psiconauts and the short film Decorado, both directed by Alberto Vázquez. In addition, Espinet was already selected in 2016 with his transmedia project: Girl and Wolf.

On the other hand, Iván Carmona and María Buitrago, responsible for the studio from Madrid, Sunshine Animation Studio, will come to advance news of the short film I’m not Alone. A story about a devastated and dominated by machines world where a child must face his past in order to have a future.


The series will have its own voice with projects much expected for children like Turuleca’s Funny Farm by Víctor Monigote or Tiko Taiko by Manuel Sicilia and Jesús Gallego. Monigote, multidisciplinary artist responsible for the artistic direction of the blockbuster Mortadelo and Filemon: Mission Implausible by Javier Fesser, will present the before mentioned work with his personal stamp and where he turns to the animal world to get into musical learning. Sicilia (Justin and the Knights of Valour) and Gallego, on the other hand, will bring a comedy of space adventures that is immersed in science for the little ones. The first is a production of Tandem Films, while the second is a co-production between Rokyn Animation and Gallego Bros.

The third series to be presented is the Portuguese production The 7 Boxes, directed by Nuno Amorim and produced by Animais. The series talks about a city where children should watch their screens all the time.

Finally, in the video game area, there will be Endling. An ecological adventure (for PC and console), developed by the Spanish studio Herobeat Studios that takes us to a world devastated by humans seen through the eyes of the last fox of the Earth. Jingle & Merry. Who gave Christmas Away? will also be discussed. This title is a proposal of Whytah Games that takes us to Santa’s toy factory and where the player must put himself in the skin of the elves, Jingle and Merry, to save the most important night of the year. The third title to be presented is Kluest from Sons of a Bit Entertainment, an app for mobile devices that makes use of AR (Augmented Reality) in an innovative way.

On the other hand, and in its own conference, Pendulo Studios will talk about “Blacksad: from comics to video games”.


3D Wire, in addition to having established itself as a Spanish-Portuguese event, has had a strong European and international vocation since its beginnings and therefore there are a total of nine European transmedia projects and 11 international on line series selected. Among the first ones, the presentation of Protanopia and RRR 1, by its creator André Bergs, had already been confirmed; to these we must add the Madrid Noir: The Prologue project, produced by the British studio No Ghost; a moving story about a detective in Madrid in the 30s and a stray dog.

In the webseries section, FHS will be presented by Laura Edith Lara and Héctor Peinado Díaz and The Rustis by Txabi Mira.

This international reference market, besides being a global showcase, also rewards the various projects and works. The public entity, RTVE, maintains one more year its interactive awards for the most innovative video game / app project, and VR video game, which may be presented to RTVE’s Interactive Department.

For its part, Movistar + supports the call for the third consecutive year by awarding the Movistar + Short Film Project Award. The short film selected in this section will obtain the acquisition of the emission rights by Movistar + for an amount of 9,000 euros during the term of 2 years and unlimited number of passes, being the first year exclusively for the aforementioned channel. In addition, the work will be officially released in the 2019 or 2020 edition of the 3D Wire Market.

The novelty this year is in the ftion series; those whose director or producer is their first or second series may opt for the Best Young Creator Series Project. A recognition that will give them a free accreditation for the next edition of Annecy-MIFA (MIFA professional accreditation).

Regarding on line series, Átomo Network (main contributor) will grant a series of prizes: Átomo Network Award, to the best on line series in any language other than Spanish; and Premio Robot Atómico, for the best on line series in Spanish language.

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